New HPC for QLD research: Goodbye Euramoo, hello Awoonga

Work has completed on transforming high performance computer Euramoo into a new, easier-to-use supercomputer, called Awoonga, for Queensland researchers.

The QCIF/UQ Research Computing Centre project, first announced in QRISnews in August this year, has built Awoonga to be compatible with existing research HPCs FlashLite and Tinaroo (Tinaroo is for UQ researchers only) to enable researchers to work seamlessly across the clusters.

Like its predecessor Euramoo, Awoonga is designed to support high-throughput workloads.

Users who previously used Euramoo automatically received accounts on Awoonga. New users wanting access to Awoonga will need to request an account. The QRIScloud Help Desk is ready to assist anyone who needs help trying Awoonga for the first time (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

An Awoonga User Guide is available on the QRIScloud website, with Awoonga’s login nodes accessible via Secure Shell at

QCIF/RCC’s tech’ team has recently completed a major release across HPCs FlashLite, Tinaroo and Awoonga, including upgrading:

  • to a newer operating system
  • the GPFS file system to be compatible with UQ’s Metropolitan Data Caching Infrastructure (MeDiCI) data fabric, which transfers data seamlessly between on- and off-campus locations
  • all application software on each node to the latest releases available. 

For more information about the HPCs available to Queensland researchers, please visit the QRIScompute webpage.