Apollo workshop launches new training model

QCIF and other EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) nodes successfully tested a new training model allowing an international trainer to remotely deliver a workshop across Australia last month.

On Tuesday, 21 November, Dr Monica Munoz-Torres from Phoenix Bioinformatics in California instructed more than 80 workshop attendees in nine locations across Australia — including Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns in Queensland — in how to use online tool Apollo for genome annotation.

Apollo is a collaborative genomic annotation editor available on the Web.

Dr Munoz-Torres, an expert in genome annotation, and former Project Manager of the Apollo Project, joined the workshop directly from the San Francisco Bay Area via advanced videoconferencing resources.

Local facilitators at each of the EMBL-ABR node workshop locations helped with the hands-on sections of the training.

QFAB, QCIF’s bioinformatics consulting unit, helped with the early planning stages of the workshop and took on the role of local facilitators at the Brisbane workshop.

Other workshop locations included Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Lismore, with two nodes in Melbourne.

Ten compute servers were deployed to support the workshop — five at QCIF and five at Melbourne Bioinformatics.