QCIF attends Sydney’s OpenStack Summit

QRIScloud Systems Administrator Michael Mallon attended the OpenStack Summit in Sydney last month, the first time Australia has hosted the international summit.

At the summit, 4–8 November, Michael was able to deep-dive into technical details of OpenStack projects with other developers and operators.

The Nectar research cloud, which cloud computer QRIScloud operates on, is powered by OpenStack.

The summit is an opportunity for OpenStack cloud operators to meet with OpenStack developers to discuss the features in the new release and to inform development of the next release.

“More generally, it's a conference that puts CTOs and CIOs [Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers], developers, operators and users into the one location to collaborate and foster a community around OpenStack and related technologies,” said Michael.

Michael noted one of the themes from the Sydney summit was a focus on “fine-grained access control and other security considerations”. Another was that the OpenStack Foundation is trying to improve collaborations between OpenStack projects and other open-source projects.

OpenStack summits are huge. More than 2,300 people attended Sydney’s OpenStack Summit, with 54 countries represented, and the program featured more than 600 sessions.

The summit is held twice a year, once in North America and once elsewhere. The North American summits usually attract more than 5,000 people.

This was the second OpenStack summit Michael has attended — his first was last year in Barcelona.

Next year’s OpenStack summits will be held in Vancouver (21–24 May) and Berlin (13–15 November). 

Michael Mallon