QCIF collaboration delivers new authentication services

QCIF is one of the first to successfully apply the Australian Access Federation’s implementation of OpenID Connect, integrating it with the XNAT imaging informatics platform to allow researchers to seamlessly log in using their local institutional credentials.

This will save researchers from having to set up multiple accounts and passwords for applications they use in their everyday activities and will improve collaboration.
AAF’s pilot of OpenID Connect is the leading standard for Web-based single sign-on and authentication. It allows software applications to authenticate users across websites and apps without having to own and manage password files.
QCIF’s Data Innovation Services team worked closely with AAF, Monash University, University of Sydney and the US-based XNAT software development team to implement an authentication plugin utilising the AAF’s new pilot of the OpenID Connect protocol.
XNAT is a popular open-source platform developed by Washington University in the US that helps researchers and labs access common data management, productivity and quality assurance tasks for a wide range of imaging-based research activities.  
Monash University and the University of Sydney are rolling out XNAT within their biomedical imaging facilities to better manage the research data coming from a range of instruments.
Dr Tom Close, Imaging Informatics Officer with the Monash Biomedical Imaging team, said: “The OpenID Connect XNAT plugin developed by QCIF will enable us to deploy imaging repositories that are accessible to anyone with Australian institutional credentials, and thereby facilitate greater collaboration within the Australian neuroimaging community.”
Other institutions will benefit from the solution with the QCIF extensions incorporated into future standard releases of XNAT.
QCIF Project Manager Andrew White said: “OpenID Connect is a great way to open up platforms and repositories to access beyond the AAF community of identity providers. We are keen to assist other institutions in implementing OpenID Connect.”
Please contact Andrew White if you have any queries about the project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..