Need help with ‘omics data analysis?

When James Cook University PhD student Alyssa Budd needed help analysing the ‘omics data she needed for her thesis, she called on QFAB’s Analysis Hotel.

The Analysis Hotel allows students and researchers to perform data analysis embedded with the QFAB team at UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB). There, they can receive as much support as they need and get facilitated access to tools, platforms, data and international resources.
In Ms Budd’s case, she could count on Gareth Price, Mike Thang and Anne Bernard of QFAB to get the bioinformatics and biostatistics help required to analyse her transcriptomics and epigenomics data.
Ms Budd’s visit to QFAB’s Analysis Hotel was very timely in getting ready to present her findings at the International Symposium of Genetics in Aquaculture, which is being held 15–20 July in Cairns. Her paper will present results from her research into the epigenetic and transcriptional effects of temperature on sex change in Australian barramundi.

“Coming from JCU to UQ and working with Gareth, Mike and Anne for a week was incredible. We were working on some whole genome bisulphite sequencing (WGBS) and RNAseq data for my PhD, which focuses on the effect of temperature on DNA methylation and gene expression in the gonads of barramundi — a very popular aquaculture species that changes sex at about four years of age,” said Ms Budd.
“Mike jumped on board the WGBS data and helped me work through any queries I had about my transcriptome assembly. Gareth directed me towards Galaxy Australia as a great tool to easily create analysis pipelines and use various programs with ease, and Anne was able to use her R [statistical programming] skills to allow me to run multiple comparisons where my initial program would only look at case control. We had a lot of data to work on, and are still working at it, but what we did together in a week at QFAB would have taken me months!"
QFAB also operates biostatistics and bioinformatics clinics for researchers and HDR students at its member universities, i.e. UQ, QUT, Griffith, JCU, USQ and CQU. Researchers and HDR students from member universities can receive free QFAB consultations to help with research projects, publications and upcoming grant applications.

IMB's Professor Mark Ragan said, “Consultation with QFAB biostatisticians was critical to getting the power calculation right on our successful $1.15m NHMRC project grant application.” 
QFAB can provide advice related to bioinformatics, biostatistics and biodata, including:

  • advice on experimental design 
  • recommendations and coaching on analysis methods
  • analysis of data and interpretation of results 
  • access to bioinformatics resources and compute infrastructure
  • choice and use of software
  • recommendations on data management plans 
  • content and pilot analysis for grants 
  • publication revision and help with reviewer comments. 

Visit to book an appointment. Any questions? Please email the QFAB team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Additional bioinformatics and biostatistics support may also be provided through the following institutions for its researchers: Brisbane’s Centre for Children’s Health Research, UQ’s Centre for Clinical Research, and UQ’s Diamantina Institute. 

L–R: Alyssa Budd, Gareth Price and Mike Thang.