Minister mentions timber industry app developed by QFAB

A QFAB-developed Web application was mentioned in a Queensland state government committee meeting on Wednesday, 25 July, as having helped support the innovation and growth of the $3.8 billion Queensland timber industry.

Mark Furner, Queensland’s Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, said in the Estimates Committee meeting that the QTimber app was part of a handful of projects the Queensland government had been involved in since 2012, alongside industry, “to deliver actions to help achieve the industry’s vision of innovation and sustained business growth.”
QTimber is a digital version of the building performance guide ‘Construction timbers in Queensland’, which is derived from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ (DAF) large timber database and helps designers and builders choose the correct timber for a project.
The interactive Web-based app provides easier access to timber performance information to the building industry. It allows users to browse and query the timber database and make choices based on wood species, location and use.
In 2016, DAF worked closely with QFAB, QCIF’s bioinformatics arm, to design and develop the app on behalf of the timber industry. After a trial period, QTimber became openly available for use in 2017.
Queensland’s timber industry directly employs about 8,800 people.

Mark Furner