QCIF launches open data tool

A QCIF digital tool for data curation was launched at an open data event in Brisbane on Friday, 1 March.

The Queensland Government and others use the Data Curator tool to improve the quality of open data. 
QCIF partnered with the state government and the Open Data Institute Australian Network, with funds from the former, to develop Data Curator, a desktop CSV data file editor to help data custodians.
Data Curator enables data custodians to describe, validate and share usable open data, and helps data consumers interpret and use published open data.
Data consumers can use a wide range of software that works with data packages produced by Data Curator. 
The tool was launched alongside Open Data Australia, a new independent open data advocate partnering with government, industry, research and the start-up community to realise the power of data.
Both were officially launched in Brisbane by Dallas Stower, Assistant Director-General, Digital Platforms and Data at the Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works.
QCIF CEO Dr Phil Gurney described Data Curator as a “great tool” for both the government and researcher community. “It provides a simple way to clean up CSV files and describe their contents for sharing with others.”
Data Curator is the brainchild of Stephen Gates, an Associate at Open Data Institute Australian Network at the time. Stephen explained, “Often approval is needed before publishing open data on the Web. This prevents the use of online data quality tools. Data Curator solves this problem by describing and validating data on a desktop computer.”
The launch of Data Curator and Open Data Australia was timely, preceding international Open Data Day 2019 on Saturday, 2 March. Open Data Day is an annual event where data enthusiasts gather to connect and build new solutions to complex social issues by using open data.
For more information about Data Curator, please read this blog by project lead Stephen Gates. Any queries, please contact QCIF’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..