QCIF’s Image Repository Show and Tell

What are the challenges and opportunities involved in image repositories, and can Queensland universities share imaging resources with QCIF’s support?

These were the main questions discussed at the QCIF-organised "Image Repository Show & Tell Session" on Wednesday, 13 February at the University of Queensland.

Attendees included researchers and research support staff from UQ, Griffith, QUT, National Imaging Facility (NIF) and National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), as well as QCIF staff. 

Discussion was stimulated by demonstrations of current UQ and QUT image repositories.

QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Nick Hamilton and Dr Edan Scrivan presented UQ’s OMERO repository, which integrates with the UQ Research Data Manager system, providing a place for researchers to store optical microscopy images and process them on the Awoonga high-performance computer.
Aswin Narayanan provided an overview of the ImageTrove repository at the UQ Centre for Advanced Imaging, a deployment of the MyTardis data management system.
A QUT research team discussed the challenges and opportunities of medical image storage and management, including using images to guide development of 3D printed medical devices at the Herston Biofabrication Institute.
The initial focus of the meeting was on optical microscopy, but QCIF plans to broaden this scope to other imaging resources at future meetings.
QCIF CEO Dr Phil Gurney said, “There was a lively discussion, and it appears that there are opportunities for greater collaboration, and the potential for QCIF to assist members in running image repository services”.
Dr Gurney also explained that there was an opportunity for QCIF to assist with shared training on image repositories and analysis approaches. The group thought that there was the potential for a forum for medical imaging facility managers to be established, similar to the monthly Brisbane Microscopy Facility Forum, organised by Dr Nick Hamilton.
“This was a great opportunity for some QCIF member institutes to come together and to share the work they are doing in this space,” said Dr Gurney.
Please contact QCIF eResearch Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to join future imaging meetings.

QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Nick Hamilton presented UQ’s OMERO repository at QCIF’s Image Repository Show and Tell at UQ. (Photo: Prof. David Abramson.)
QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Nick Hamilton (standing) co-presented UQ’s OMERO repository at QCIF’s Image Repository Show and Tell at UQ. (Photo: Prof. David Abramson.)