Excellent results for this year's QCIF survey

Respondents to this year’s QCIF survey were very positive about QRIScloud’s services, with a growing number of researchers indicating that QRIScloud is becoming increasingly critical to delivering research outcomes.

For example, Griffith University Associate Professor Thomas Haselhorst, Research Leader at the Institute for Glycomics, commented in the survey that “QCIF has helped me in my research tremendously. The support is brilliant and after some initial problems everything works so smoothly and well. I basically could not perform the computing I do on our local machines.”
With more than 2,500 survey invitations sent this year, QCIF was delighted with the response rate from QRIScloud users and research leaders.
We recorded a Net Promoter Score of 42.9, which represented a 25% improvement over 2018’s score and continues to positively build on the results of previous years.   
The quality of the feedback was excellent and helps us understand:

  • how we are helping users achieve their research outcomes
  • how we can continue to improve users’ experience with QRIScloud
  • what future services, features, and capabilities users are looking for us to deliver. 

On the continuous improvement front, the survey responses highlighted the following key themes and areas of focus:

  • training and support offerings to help users, especially the long-tail, make the best use of services
  • ease-of-use of services for users
  • reliability and performance of services
  • software support and available capacity on HPC clusters
  • awareness of QCIF services within member universities. 

QCIF’s service delivery team has begun working on a number of these themes and looks forward to continuing efforts to deliver improved services and user experiences with QRIScloud. Further, we are beginning to contact several researchers to create case studies showcasing the results they have been able to attain with the help of QRIScloud.
We would like to thank all those who took the time to respond to our survey. To deliver further feedback, please contact Stephen Bird.
If you would like to participate in next year’s survey, please ensure you have registered for a QRIScloud account.