Photos: Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology 2019

QCIF eResearch Analyst Dr Nick Hamilton was the official photographer at this year’s UQ-based Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology, 1–5 July.

Check out his photos below.
This year’s Winter School attracted almost 300 attendees, the highest number in six years and the third highest since the event started running annually in 2004.
Since 2004, almost 3,650 people in total have attended Winter School.
Although the Winter School organisers, including Dr Nick, always aim for gender balance across the invited speakers, this was the first year there were more women (21) than men (19) speakers.  
This year, two invited speakers presented who had first attended the Winter School as students: Dr Joshua Ho, who first came to Winter School as an undergraduate in 2005, and Dr Zhiliang Chen, who attended as a PhD student in 2011.

Panel discussion with Dr Joshua Ho (third from right).  

A question from the audience. 

Amanda Miotto, QCIF's Griffith University-based eResearch Analyst, presented a talk about Hacky Hours.

Thom Cuddihy, a bioinformatician and software developer with QCIF, QFAB and UQ's Research Computing Centre (RCC), presented a talk about using virtual servers in the Nectar cloud. 

Dr Igor Makunin, of QFAB and RCC, presented a talk about Galaxy Australia. 

The Winter School isn't only about learning, it's also about networking and having fun.

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