QCIF to partner with Bioplatforms Australia to deliver national life sciences data portal

QCIF has partnered with Bioplatforms Australia to manage the operation and maintenance of the Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal and supporting systems.

QCIF will work with Bioplatforms Australia to ensure the portal provides life sciences communities with a reliable, well-managed service.
The Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal is a repository housing national life sciences research data sets. It includes raw sequence data, analysed data and associated metadata. It includes data sets from the collaborative national molecular platforms and informatics open data projects Bioplatforms Australia invests in, namely:

  • Australian Microbiome Database
  • The Oz Mammals Genomic Initiative
  • Antibiotic Resistant Sepsis Pathogens
  • Genomics for Australian Plants.

The portal has ingested tens of thousands of samples constituting more than 100 terabytes of data.
More than three hundred researchers currently use the portal.
QCIF will now manage the portal’s server, including identifying and fixing issues that affect normal operations.
QCIF’s tasks include customer support, data and metadata ingest, data curation, bug fixes and software updates, and assisting with the largely automated uploading of data to international repositories, such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s (NCBI) Sequence Read Archive (SRA) and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), once embargo periods have expired.
QCIF’s Data Innovation team is working collaboratively with Bioplatforms Australia to ensure a smooth transition.
“With QCIF’s management of other national platforms, such as Galaxy Australia, it seemed like a natural fit for QCIF to manage and further assist in the development of the Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal,” said Troy Lockett, QCIF’s Business Development and Communications Manager.
“QCIF has a long history of working collaboratively with Bioplatforms Australia, and the management of the data portal is an extension of this.”
Heidi Perrett, QCIF’s new Data Innovation Program Manager, will take on responsibility for the operational management of the data portal, and will work with Bioplatforms Australia on strategic planning.
Grahame Bowland from CQU University, who helped build the data portal, will be the senior software engineer responsible for technical management and enhancements of the platform. He will be based at CQU’s Perth campus. (See our separate story about Heidi and Grahame’s appointment.)
Existing QCIF staff member, software developer Matt Mulholland, will work part-time on the project, supporting Grahame in the technical management of the platform.
To access this data resource visit:

Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal dashboard