Changing of the guard for QRIScloud hardware

QCIF is pleased to announce it expects a relatively smooth transition from old to new QRIScloud hardware over the coming months.

QRIScloud infrastructure installed in 2013 will reach its 'end of life' in September. The QCIF team is currently busy migrating compute workloads onto new hardware.
This migration effort has been in progress for the last few months and is expected to be largely completed by mid-August.
Affected QRIScloud users have been notified, that is, all those with long-running virtual machine instances, including virtual laboratories. Those using QRIScloud for data storage only or high-performance computing only have not been affected.
QCIF’s Stephen Bird said the team applied its learnings from operating the old hardware when selecting the new hardware. “For example, by adopting a shared storage platform across the compute nodes for the root drives of virtual machine instances, we can easily migrate instances between compute nodes. This increases QRIScloud’s resilience to compute node failures and allows the operations team to perform maintenance work in the future without affecting QRIScloud users.”
Over the course of its life, the seven-year-old QRIScloud hardware has provided more than 200 million computing hours to support hundreds of research projects both in Queensland and nationally.
The old hardware also provided QCIF’s “Special Compute” capability, comprised of four large memory nodes and four graphics processing unit (GPU) nodes. This capability will cease operating by September, however QCIF expects to re-introduce these node types back into service next year.
If you have any queries about the QRIScloud service, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..