Two new hires for QCIF

QCIF has hired two new staff to work on expanding national research data projects.

Heidi Perrett, previously in eResearch support services at Griffith University, started with QCIF on 22 July in the new role of Data Innovation Program Manager.
Heidi will lead QCIF’s Data Innovation Team, which works on two key QCIF projects, namely software operations and development of research data management tool ReDBox and the operational management of the Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal (BPA-DP). (Read our separate story about the latter.)
Heidi will split her time between both the BPA-DP and ReDBox, and other software projects being developed by the Data Innovation Team.  
Grahame Bowland, a senior software engineer, will join QCIF on 12 August as a co-appointment with CQU University to work on the BPA-DP, which he helped build.
Troy Lockett, QCIF’s Business Development and Communications Manager, said: “We are glad to have both Heidi and Grahame on board, and look forward to further supporting Bioplatforms Australia and the ReDBox community with these new appointments.”
Grahame will be based at CQU’s Perth campus. He has about 20 years of software engineering experience, much of it in WA’s tertiary education sector.
“I’ve previously collaborated with staff from QCIF on a number of projects, notably the Research Data Cloud project, which integrated the Bioplatforms Australia Data Portal with Galaxy Australia,” said Grahame.
“I’m grateful for the opportunity to join QCIF, and to be part of a team which provides infrastructure crucial to the success of Australian research.”
Heidi said she is excited to be joining QCIF and expanding the number of researchers she can help in using technology in their projects.
“I am looking forward to gaining a broader understanding of the eResearch environment within Australia and I am passionate about bringing the potential technology has to this environment,” she said.
Heidi has worked in eResearch support at Griffith University for the last 11 years. During this time, she has been a support engineer and tester on a number of systems using open source software platforms for research. She has also been an active helper and instructor in Software Carpentry workshops and Hacky Hour events for several years. For the last two years, she was the Social Analytics Lab Manager for the Griffith Criminology Institute.

Heidi Perrett and Grahame Bowland.