Phil Gurney steps down as QCIF CEO

Dr Phil Gurney has decided to stand down as QCIF’s CEO due to family commitments in Melbourne.

QCIF eResearch Services Manager Nigel Ward will be acting CEO until a replacement is found.
In announcing his decision to leave, Phil said that "while family will always be my number one commitment, my biggest regret will be to leave such a dedicated and enthusiastic team, here at QCIF."
In a farewell email to QCIF staff, Phil, who replaced Rob Cook as QCIF’s CEO in May 2017, said: “It has been my pleasure to work with you all, and see the company go from strength to strength because of your efforts.
“Together, we have expanded our ability to support data-centric research in Queensland, built relevance through substantial contracts with the Queensland Government and Queensland Health, grown the on-demand expertise team at QFAB, and we continue to meet an ever-expanding demand for compute and storage services through QRIScloud.
“The virtual laboratories that QCIF runs have matured into platforms used by thousands of researchers, winning awards, and enabling high-impact publications, and QCIF-delivered training and support is going from strength to strength.
“As I leave QCIF, we are positioned well for the future. We are moving from a year-on-year funding cycle into working with our partners on multi-year projects. We have, once again, a strong and long-term commitment from the Queensland Government to support and fund eResearch services here at QCIF.”
David Gray, Chairman of QCIF’s board, confirmed that Phil is leaving QCIF in good shape. “I feel confident that this foundation that Phil leaves, will, through increased collaboration and partnering, become a national leader in the significant challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us in the field of data science.
“We’re sorry to see Phil leave, but we appreciate that a commute between his family in Melbourne and QCIF’s headquarters in Brisbane is no longer tenable.”
David and the QCIF board members will assist Nigel in his role as acting CEO. 

Dr Phil Gurney