QCIF at eResearch Australasia 2019

QCIF will be out in force at this month’s Brisbane-based eResearch Australasia conference, 21–25 October.

QCIF will have an exhibition booth at the conference, being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, and QCIF staff will take part in talks and workshops.
Visit the QCIF booth at #eResAU2019 to discuss our services for the first time—or get an update—and enter our door prize.
QCIF Data Innovation Program Manager Heidi Perrett will co-lead the research software engineers’ mini-conference on the first workshop day on Monday, 21 October.
Heidi will present a talk at eResAU2019 on Tuesday, 22 October, 4:10pm–4:30pm, about the impact of access to sensitive administrative data for research using Griffith University’s Social Analytics Lab as a case study. Heidi worked at the lab before joining QCIF in July this year.
On Wednesday, 23 October, Heidi will chair a Social Sciences session at the conference (11:20am–12:40pm), will take part in the ReDBox Users’ Group lunchtime meeting (12:40pm–1:45pm), and will co-lead a Birds of a Feather session about the next steps for the research software engineering community (4:30pm–5:30pm). 
She will also co-lead a Birds of a Feather session about sustainable software through the research lifecycle on Thursday, 24 October, 11:40am–12:40pm.
Dr Nick Hamilton, a QCIF eResearch Analyst at the University of Queensland, will present a talk with Loretta Davis of AeRO about the rapid growth of Hacky Hours and a national initiative to uplift eResearch support skills and encourage community-driven collaboration. Join their talk on Wednesday, 23 October, 2pm–2:20pm.
QFAB Head of Computational Biology Dr Gareth Price will present a talk about Galaxy Australia on Wednesday, 23 October, 4:10pm–4:30pm.
After Gareth’s presentation, QFAB’s Dr Jeff Christiansen will talk about the Australian Bioinformatics Commons BioCommons) as an exemplar of international engagement in research infrastructure on Wednesday, 23 October, 4:30pm–4:50pm.
Jeff will also act as session chair for the biomedical data and data ethics stream on Thursday, 24 October, 11:20am–12:40pm.
On Thursday, 24 October, during the lunch break (12:40pm–2pm), Jason Nairnsey from the University of Wollongong will showcase some new features of ReDBox, the QCIF-managed research data management tool. Jason is currently working on a project to make it easier for ReDBox users to access the Google Cloud Platform (see our separate story about this).
The conference’s last day on Friday, 25 October, will be a workshop day. QCIF’s new QUT-based eResearch Analyst, Craig Windell, will join eight others to lead a half-day workshop on developing an Australian roadmap for research imaging platform XNAT (1:30pm–5pm).

QCIF at eResAU2019

Date Time Activity QCIF staff involved
21/10/19 9am–5pm Research software engineers’ mini-conference Heidi Perrett
22/10/19 4:10pm–4:30pm Talk: The impact of access to sensitive administrative data for research Heidi Perrett
23/10/19 11:20am–12:40pm Session: Social Sciences  Heidi Perrett (chair)
23/10/19 12:40pm–1:45pm ReDBox Users’ Group meeting QCIF's Data Innovation team
23/10/19 2pm–2:20pm Talk: Building the eResearch Support Community Dr Nick Hamilton
23/10/19 4:10pm–4:30pm Talk: Galaxy Australia Dr Gareth Price
23/10/19 4:30pm–4:50pm Talk: Australian Bioinformatics Commons Dr Jeff Christiansen
23/10/19 4:30pm–5:30pm BoF: Next steps for the research software engineering community Heidi Perrett
24/10/19 11:20am–12:40pm Session: Biomedical data and data ethics Dr Jeff Christiansen (chair)
24/10/19 11:40am–12:40pm BoF: Sustainable software through the research lifecycle Heidi Perrett
24/10/19 12:40pm–2pm Showcase: New features of ReDBox Jason Nairnsey (Uni of Wollongong)
25/10/19 1:30pm–5pm Workshop: Australian roadmap for research imaging platform XNAT Craig Windell