QFAB played an active role in this year’s International Conference on Bioinformatics, (#INCOB2019) held in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10–12 September.

QFAB Head of Computational Biology Dr Gareth Price presented a talk on Galaxy Australia at the conference, providing an overview of the national open-source bioinformatics platform.
Gareth said: “This was well attended by those running Galaxy services regionally, those that wanted to supply cloud compute to a larger Galaxy service and those that wanted to use Galaxy Australia for novel applications (for example, as a new algorithm benchmarking resource).”
He also joined two other Galaxy Australia team members (Simon Gladman and Nawan Goonasekera from Melbourne Bioinformatics) and Dave Clements of the USA Galaxy Project, to lead an introductory Galaxy workshop. The four also held a breakout session to discuss building a Galaxy community in the Asia-Pacific region.
Seventeen people attended the workshop and about 40 members of the regional Galaxy community were at the breakout session.
“The commitment and interest in a regional Galaxy was showcased by the truly motivated attendees that flew into Jakarta for only this breakout session,” said Gareth.
INCOB2019 was held in conjunction with the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training (GOBLET) Annual General Meeting. QFAB is a GOBLET member.

Dr Gareth Price (middle, blue shirt) at INCOB2019.