QFAB paper among most cited from PLOS ONE

An article with QFAB input is among the top 10 per cent most cited PLOS ONE papers published in 2015. 

The paper about the Genomics Virtual Laboratory (GVL), published on 26 October 2015, has been cited 40 times as of 19 September 2019, and has been viewed almost 11,000 times.
On Google Scholar, the paper has so far been cited 68 times. 
The paper describes the GVL, Galaxy Australia’s predecessor, as a practical bioinformatics workbench for the cloud.
Dr Mark Crowe, who was with QFAB at the time and is now QCIF’s Training Manager, was one of the paper’s 11 authors.
Dr Igor Makunin, who was with UQ’s Research Computing Centre at the time but is now with QFAB providing Galaxy and bioinformatics support, was also a contributor to the paper.
PLOS ONE Editor-in-Chief Joerg Heber emailed the authors last month to let them know of the achievement.
“This shows Australia can produce world-leading outcomes, even in a subject like bioinformatics, often considered to be the domain of big US and European research groups,” said Mark.
“I’m excited about the sheer range of researchers who have found the GVL useful; it’s been used for research into subjects as diverse as sea anemone venom, sugar cane diseases and human clinic research.”
Galaxy Australia, GVL’s successor, currently has more than 5,800 registered users.
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